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Can Seagate Backup + work with my Synology router?


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I've got an old external Seagate hard drive attached to my Synology router (RT2600ac). It is beginning to fail. I saw that Staples had a deal on for a Seagate Backup Plus 5TB external hard drive. Back when I bought my old Seagate hard drive it came with some software that I think was meant to be installed on a Windows or Mac machine. I didn't want that because I wanted to attach it to the router I had back then. When I got my Synology router I did the same thing.


So, I'm wondering, with this new Seagate HD will I be stuck with the same issue I have today, that it will just be a HD hanging off my router and I won't be able to take advantage of any backup software?

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The free backup software that comes from Seagate will only work if a Seagute external USB drive is directly connected to the PC being backed up.


Upon installation, the software looks for a Seagate USB external drive and will not let you continue if it can't find any. Surely, it won't let you point to a NAS, even if the actual USB storage being used is a Seagate.


You'll need a 3rd party backup software, commercial or freeware, to be able to backup your PC to a NAS. Heck, Windows 10 has a built-in basic backup and restore software.

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