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Upgrade from stock to X470D4U


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If this is not the correct section, please move it where it belongs.


After about 4y or so, the Gen8 is starting to show it's age. I'm considering upgrade options and I was intrigued about this motherboard which opens up the AMD path:




Has anyone considered the case modifications needed to drop it in there with an AMD CPU? Looks like an interesting DiY project.



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I have not used it, but feedback from users is very good. It is popular in the unRAID community. The released a version with 10GbE on board as well:


The issue with either of these boards is that they are microATX and are physically to large to fit in the MicroServer Gen8 case.

A mini ITX board may fit with a good deal of cutting on the case. Asrock Rack announced  mini ITX board with 10GbE that looks interesting:



I have looked many times at modding the MS Gen8 case to fit a mini ITX board, nothing lines up well.

There are lots of good micro ATX cases if you want to build a system with one of the X470 boards. If you want a small form factor server there are some good cases to build from. These two are inexpensive:




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