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updating bios, filename not recongised


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i have a HP Proliant N54L. Im updating the bios because my NAS ironwolf drives (cheaps) are not detected by the SCSI. Installing windows server 2008 and then win7 pro 64bit (its a 64bit machine) shows the drives not detected. I rechecked this main cable to the board it is connected as far as i know and the drives get power. No driver is installed, the bios does not detect any of these drives or even a desktop regular drive, just the ssd and USB flash


Used all the flash drives i have which are cheaps. to Flash to the bios, but all i get is file name not recognized. C:\ prompt. Following the instructions, it does not put on the bootable drive a ROM file, this is located under C:\SWSetup\, but even that file does not doing anything. So that left me wondering.


Largely i think its the flash drive used, i have run into this problem before with just installing a OS. Which is why i always use a SSD for install with a apricorn sata wire to usb, this works pretty well but like flash drives, the HPQUSB software deems it media write protected. Formatting either the SSD or flash drives i have on hand, let the HPQUSB program to successfully do its job. But bios update still will not work. 


Can someone please recommend the next cheapest flash drive? i'm guessing updating the bios will not detect the drives. Should i consider replace this cable for a better one? in which case dumpster fire.



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