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Using a second keyboard with a laptop


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Like most, if not all, of us I'm working from home (WFH). I'm having to use a work laptop, which is older. I've been doing this for two weeks and am likely to continue for another two weeks at least.


One thing I'm very conscious of is ergonomics in my work environment. At home, with my desktop, I've got things set up well, ergonomically speaking. At work, basically the same thing. However, WFH with the work laptop, not so much. I have a second monitor connected to the work laptop's docking station. That second monitor is in a good position for viewing. But the laptop's monitor is too long. After two weeks of WFH I'm finding I'm hunching too much. I could get some books and raise the laptop, but then the keyboard would be in a bad position, causing me to place my arms in a position more conducive to promoting carpel tunnel syndrome. My wife and I were talking this over and she suggested, if its possible, I could attach a second, basic keyboard to the work laptop's docking station.


This seems like a great solution, but will it work? I don't know how good the work laptop's Bluetooth is - it is an older laptop. Likely whatever Bluetooth capabilities it has are out of date with current Bluetooth capabilities. So, I was thinking a simple, basic USB keyboard. But is it possible to connect a second keyboard to a laptop? If so, how to I configure Windows 10 Enterprise to recognize the second keyboard as the primary keyboard input device?

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