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Cannot remove temp sensor cable - help please !!


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I'm trying to remove the system board to update the CPU and have removed all cables except the temp sensor, which is proving nigh impossible to remove. The Stutsman / Miner YouTube video starts with the cable already removed, but advises checking the HP videos which seem not to be online any more.


There is a pull-loop on the connector but that seems to move nothing and I'm afraid to break anything (I did break cables on my N40L which I do not want to repeat), whilst it does not look possible to remove the sensor from the front panel, so I'm stuck.


Can anybody help advise what to do?


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15 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

There is no latch, just carefully pull up on the brown loop. Page 29:



Thanks, I was already using this but the loop did not help and I cut my thumb trying to pull on the connector at the same time.


My wife taking sympathy on me asked what was the problem and went to get her specialist quilting tools and used 2 of these to pry out the connector !!


After that, it was very easy to remove the old Celeron and replace with the Xeon E3-1265L which is running fine with no temperature increase despite also adding an HBA card

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