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So, we've now been put in more of less lock down, had an email late last night saying stay at home while work figure out what they're going to do moving forward..


So, whats everyone else doing?

Any TV recommendations, games I should be playing?


The Tiger King on Netflix is being watched at the mo and gaming is coming via CoD:WarZone..

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Going on 2nd week here. Seems all I do is dishes. Tons of freaking dishes.  We've been taking walks a lot. I hope it gets warmer soon so I can start working outside more.  I need to catch up on The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.  Waiting for Ozark to drop too.  As a family we have been watching the Lego show/competition.  We also watch Survivor together and The Curse of Oak Island.  Spousal unit watches American Idol and The Voice.

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hmmm. oak island is our new 'watch together' choice and my better half also likes 'the voice'. but I have worked from home 'forever' so the dish load is just business as usual. I wish i had time to take walks or catch up on some shows.

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Watching classic movies

Went thru all of the "Thin Man" movies. - nick and nora/ william powell and myrna loy

For recent flicks , really can recomend "Yesterday", especially if you are a beatles fan

Also building a new R/C airplane from scratch in my shop

Remember when most of our liesure time wasnt spent in front of a lcd screen

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A few blasts from the past ... perhaps too recondite for some tastes.


I should now be in Sicily and so am thankful that this series is being broadcast on the BBC.

Inspector Montalbano.

A crime fiction on my all-time -favourite list for its quintessentially Italian flavour, right from the opening music and sweeping aerial shots.

In Italian with subtitles. Could take  a few episodes to get into the characters.


I haven't read the books ... but imagine they too are terrific.

Why not learn Italian at the same time?

Tutto bene!


For an equally regional English series.

Victorian Kitchen Garden.

A series taking us through the rebuilding of ... guess what.

Ah, looks you can't get it in the USA.


This side of the pond I've been watching some childhood sci-fi favourites:

Lost In Space

Time Tunnel

The Invaders a Quinn Martin Production

Wow - I can remember the first episode of Dr. Who ... the first appearance of the Daleks ...


 Could be difficult sourcing the material though 😞


I'm glad I never found the time to read War and Peace 😉




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For Chinese visual splendour I might run through epics like:


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

House of Flying Daggers

Red Cliff


The Wall


and similar.

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Oh don't get me started on where you "should" be, I had DTM testing cancelled in Hockenheim, Valencia was cancelled and LeMans pushed back, we've been put on Furlough so that now means no work and only 80% pay, which is fine my limit is about 65/70%, however that means redecorating the house, and sooo many other jobs, I'm struggling to find the time to get some gaming in, well, the FD is stopping me from gaming but thats almost the same thing right?

As long as we can go back to work in the estimated 3 weeks I'll be fine, but the back end of this years going to be reaaaaly busy as they're already on abut having double and triple headers, races are going to clash, its gonna get messy..

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Working, benefit in some respects of being a contractor, I am not beholden to what the other staff are, down side is if they decide to go full lockdown I have  no income, period.

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going to work as if nothing happened here,  had to scramble to connect all office employees to work from home when needed ....I am more or less isolated at my job from everyone else

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