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Gen 8 Individual chip cooling


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I'm updating my Gen 8, adding Xeon 1265L and an SAS 2008 HBA 4i card so power dissipation and possibly fan noise will increase.


I see threads on thermal problems with the HP p222 controller solved by adding fans, so do I need to do something for my SAS? If so, I would

prefer a passive solution and I see that my heatsink is screwed so given this is the only PCIe card, is it possible to buy larger replacement heatsinks?


Also I see a thread adding a 14x14 self-adhesive heatsink to the Broadcom chip, but are there is also some mention of doing the same for the ILO4

chip,  so are there are there any other any heatsink recommendations for this and/or what is the size of this device?


Finally,  are there any other chips that would benefit with some simple passive cooling? Thanks


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