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HP Micro server temperature sensor PCI 1


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Hi Everyone,

I have issue with my Microserver Gen 8.

It's located in a pretty hot place ~30 degrees C  and I have put a liquid cooling on it. 

Everything works fine, but only one of the sensor brings >100 degrees and send shudwon command to the OS system and the server constantly restarts. 

All other temps are ok. 

I have P222 Controller in PCI 1 . 

Do you know where and what is this sensor and how can i Fix it ? 

PS. After 1 minute working goes to ~90 degree

PS. After 2 minutes goes ~97 and will shutdown soon 


Thanks in advance 

hp microserver temp sens.jpg


hp microserver temp sens 1.jpg

hp microserver temp sens 2.jpg

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sensor 10 is your P222 raid controller.

you have to make a custom mod and put a fan near your raid controller.

if you search in this forum you can find mods done by another members.

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Hi thanks. 

It''s really the P222 controller making issues. 

I've already cool it and the temps goes below 65 degrees . 


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How did you implement the cooling?


Also do SAS HBA controller in IT mode (ie. non-RAID) have the same problem?



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