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Moving OS SSD from internal SATA port and adding RAID1


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In my current Gen8, to which I am adding an HBA card and migrating the 4 HDDs, I know I can then move the OS SSD (currently RAID0) to the internal SAS port 1, but can I also add a second SSD and migrate to a RAID 1 array with the 2 SSDs?


I have searched the web for instructions on use of the B120i but have found none except the spec. I seem to remember others having done this, so help and advice would be much appreciated

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18 hours ago, schoondoggy said:

I thought you were going to mirror these in Windows 10.

If you are going to use the B120i for RAID1, you would create the RAID1 set then load the OS. The link attached is the user guide for the B120i. 



Win 10 mirror is what I plan to do with my new ML310e server, but I'm just exploring my options on the Current Microserver Gen 8 where the OS SSD is currently configured as RAID0 and whether it can be changed to RAID1 by adding a second SSD.


My previous step is to move all 4 HDDs to my new SAS HBA controller, check that work, then move the OS SSD to system B120i-configured SAS port 1 and check all works again.


After that, could I simply migrate to B120i RAID1 while adding the second SSD without having to re-load the OS or is there some re-setting of the RAID0 on the OS SSD before I move to AHCI and add the Win10 mirror? and are there any differences in performance?



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Sorry to nit pick, but the B120i port is not SAS. It is a SFF-8087 connector for the SATA ports.

You can try creating a RAID1 with the OS drive and a new SSD on the B120i. I believe I have had that work in the past, but there are no guarantees.


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