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Gen 8 - P420 Raid Troubleshooting


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Hi All,


I have been running a Gen 8 server for years with a P220 Raid array with multiple 4TB data drives on Windows 2012. I have a 128GB SSD system drive running on the B120 by itself. I then upgrade the data drives to WD Red 6TB but find that they are unable to run in any kind of raid without going to predictive fail over a period of weeks.  I replace all 4 drives under warranty and just setup a single 6TB volume on a single drive, all fine.  I read that there are issues with the P220 and 6TB drives so order a P420 with 1GB battery cache. 


Now when I try to swap out the P220 with the P420,  the P420, shows the card / volume as dead on boot and when I go to SSA in Windows or Intelligent Provisioning, I cannot see the P420 card, only the B120i.


I have tried disabling the B120 in bios, but it does not make a difference.


Not sure where or how I can try upgrade the firmware on the card as Windows will not see it (or even if that is the issue).


Any ideas??



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