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I recently bought a ton of Meross gear in order to minimize some of the Z-Wave gear on the edge of my network.  I have plenty of wifi on the edge but Z-Wave has been more complicated.  I have an array of plug in modules all over the house in order to link it all together and I would like to get away from that.


So far I've installed two Meross garage door sensors and one light switch.  Impressed so far.  The gear has given me no reason to not buy more. I wish I would have done the garage doors sooner as my old way was flaky at times.  I have yet to do the 3 way light switch install.  That was one of the main reasons for purchasing into Meross.  I also purchased two of the outdoor plugs and they work fine.


So far, this gear is Recommended.

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I'd be interested in hearing how the 3-way installation goes. I used to have such a setup until that day the electric company sent kilo-volts into the low voltage lines.

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