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is it me, my system, or does vm software just suck?

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please excuse the rant... after hyper-v kept getting stuck 'backing up' and refused to be backed up as part of windows server backup, I moved on to a couple other solutions, specifically oracle's virtualbox and vmware workstation (free) player. Here's one example of the oddities I am seeing. On the simplest of workloads, openNMS, under each of the products I set up a minimal Centos 8.1 machine using the same settings, virtual disk size, and Centos ISO. On the Vmware VM 'tar' is installed and I can do curl|tar no problem to get the quick installer for openNMS. But on the Virtualbox system tar was not installed, I had to ask for it to be installed before I could perform the next step. bear in mind - same validated ISO, same setup configurations on both. An earlier validated Centos 8 ISO - same issue.


I have also had issues with vmware player just hanging for multiple minutes while pausing and starting up a second player instance is hung too.


The oddities for Qradar are more complex so I won't go into them here but really, am I expecting too much from this software? do I have some hidden problem in my 2016 essentials OS or my dell T20 hardware?

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Had the same issue with Hyper-V within Server 2016 Essentials.  As you say it's caused by a backup job in Essentials running on the drive you have your VM's on.  I moved my VM's to a separate SSD and excluded that from the Server Backup - then did incremental backups using Cloudberry to avoid the hanging on 'backing up' within the Hyper-V console.  Don't have any issues now.


The installation issues you are seeing with OpenNMS are strange, but not unusual.  Within the installer it will check for different hardware components and adapt it's setup scripts accordingly.  Usually this would manifest itself as an unrecognised or configured network drive or similar, rather than individual software components but it could depend on how the installer itself has been written.


I'd re-try Hyper-V, I've currently got 12 different VM's available on my setup (a Lenovo TS140) which are a mix of Linux Distro's, Window's test machines and core networking features (Unifi Controller, LibreNMS and Observium (still can't decide which I prefer!) a PiHole and a Sophos UTM running as a reverse proxy to enable outside access).



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I cannot really comment too much here as my experience is Hyper-V centric, but how many VM's are we talking would the VEEAM community licence work for running the backup?

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only two right now. I have gotten to the point where I can just rebuild them from scratch next time they bork. under vbox they don't seem to be hanging up the server backup at least and I take them down from time to time to veeam them to a nas slice.

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