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Alexa vs. Google Assistant


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I hope this is the correct forum for asking questions about personal, digital assistants. If not, please forgive me for posting this question here. I'd be willing to move the question, if asked to.


I've been using Cortana as my personal, digital assistant for years. Microsoft was one of the earliest providers of a personal, digital assistants with Cortana. I had her on my Windows Phone, in fact we all did in my family, as we all had Windows Phones. And we got two Hardon Karman Invokes, which use Cortana as its digital assistant. This has been fine, for the last 3 years or so. Giving us access to Spotify, TuneIn, our calendars, Microsoft To-Do, etc. Although Cortana began to lack behind Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, Cortana gave us more than enough. We were good.


Well, things are changing. Yesterday I read this article online, about Cortana going away in a new Windows update and, if I read the article correctly, also going away on those few appliances, such as the Hardon Karman Invoke, which support it. I am extremely sad. We're all upset, wondering what's going to happen to our Invokes, our ability to stream Spotify and TuneIn using voice commands only, etc.


But apart from that it looks as though we've just going to have to adapt some new personal, digital assistant. Our big question is, which one? I'm not too thrilled to adapt either of them. I've heard horror stories, especially about Alexa, where she listens to everything we say. I've heard similar stories about Google Assistant, although not as many, but still. And stories of young children ordering lots of treats and other things from Alexa. Both Amazon and Google make their money through selling directly to the consumer space, both have a vested interest in listening to conversations, seemingly quickly deducing that you want to purchase something like a 500 gallon water cistern only because you happen to mention it, etc. OK, I'm being a bit facetious there, but you get my point.


So, I'd like to ask some questions of you all and guidance. I realize that in several respects, you're probably made your choice for one personal, digital assistant over another, long ago, but I'm hoping that you can be impartial. Between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which has the most capabilities, skills, whatever-they-call-them? We really like Spotify and TuneIn, do they both support those two? Or does either of them really tend to force you into using their music service? What's the trend with Amazon and Google, as far as this goes? What's the current state of Amazon and Google's controlling their personal, digital assistants? What I mean is how are they adapting to improving privacy and security of the owners who purchase devices that support Alexa or Google Assistant on board?

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Interesting question. Had both systems in my house for a while. I believe they have basically the same functionality but with some differences

For example, my smart garage door is very well integrated with google assistant but not so well with alexa. I have whole home audio set up with a chromecast on my main audio system. Works with google but not amazon
Do you use ring or nest devices? I think that google assistant works best with android phones, are you an iphone user?

In the end I gave my alexa devices to my brother, who gave me his google devices.

I think we are both equally happy. Having a common ecosystem is important

Would be worth buying or borrowing a device and see if it matches yourneeds

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I”m heavy with Alexa just because of its inherent flexibility with smart home integration. Got an Echo device in practically every room that controls music (Spotify, Amazon Music, Plex), lights, A/C, fans, smart plugs, TV/entertainment center, etc. It runs Routines, both scheduled and on-demand, and it’s practically the center of my home automation. 


I also have a single Google Home Mini, just so I can keep tabs on their development. But to date, I still find Alexa to be better all around. When I ask GH to do certain things, I don’t always get what I meant it to do. Alexa, in that respect, is more predictable.... I love it.


I suggest you get both an Echo Dot and Google Home Mini. They’re very inexpensive. Try both platforms for as long as you want and eventually stick to the one that works the best for you.



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