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Finally, an upgrade..


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Well after many, many years running an i7-3770, I've finally decided an upgrade was due...


Gone from an i7-3770S, 16Gb RAM, and an Asus Gene V board to an AMD Ryzen 5 1600AF, Asrock Steel Legend board and 32Gb RAM..

Keeping the case, GPU (RX580 8Gb) and everything else, just deciding if I should spring for an m.2 drive or not..


See how long it lasts me, given I dont game much and my monitor is only 1080, think I should be fine for a while yet.



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One of the offspring has an XBox, the other a Surface 3, my rig is safe for now...


Ended up with the m.2 drive, just about to clone the SSD to the m.2 now, should be about 3Gbps faster once its done, wonder if it'll actually be like going from your old spinner to an SSD again or if it'll be unnoticeable..


I know I should really do a reinstall but i CBA, its Saturday evening..

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