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Counterfeit SSD M.2


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This was a big issue with USB flash drives and probably still is.  This is obviously an issue with SSDs.  It's been noted that it's an issue with LSI cards since they are in very high demand with ZFS based servers.  What are the best utilities for identifying counterfeit M.2 SSD M.2 based on the user base experience?  I'm looking into buying a dozen of them for my lab/server garden for ZFS (RAIDZ2) booting.

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For M.2 SSD's. most vendors have test software that should be able to validate that the device is authentic: examples Intel® Solid State Drive Toolbox, SanDisk SSD Dashboard.

The best way I have found to avoid counterfeit devices is to purchase them from authorized channel partners. Check the manufacturer website for authorized resellers and buy from one of those.

For the LSI counterfeit HBA/RAID controller issue, stay away from sellers in China and Hong Kong. I tend to buy from people selling a single card or small quantities, that accept returns. Most cards that I have bought happen to be Dell-HPE-IBM-SUN branded LSI cards, that I update the firmware to generic LSI code. Over the years I have bought 25+ LSI HBA's and I have never had an issue.

Serve The Home has great reference materials on LSI HBA"


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