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Problems with files sync and HDD passthrough (Proxmox)


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Hi All.


Need an advice.

I am using the Proxmox.

Tried to mount drivers directly to VM https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Physical_disk_to_kvm

1. Login to VM (OMV, Ubuntu) create a file on the mounted drive.

2. Login to Proxmox,  check the same folder  - file is not there.


The same folder on VM and Proxmox. Vm doesn't have update_nextcloud.sh


I was trying different type of Cache - no luck.

Any suggestions?




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Got the answer on other forum.


" You can't access a drive from two different OS'ses simultaniously.
If you change on one side, the other side does not recognize the update because it is not aware of the possibility, that someone else uses the same disk.
This is why we have cluster aware Filesystems in environments, where multiple systems need to access shared data - or, they use NFS...

You would need to unmount the drive on one side, then mount it again on the other side. Then the change should show up. They way you are doing it now - wont work.

I would suggest you rethink your approach by using NFS exports, which would allow what you try to achieve.
E.g. use the disk in system A, export the path via NFS and mount the NFS-export from system B. This can be Read-Write or Read-Only, depending on your need. "

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