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Modern motherboard in EX49x Case


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I know this is kind of an old forum subject. I'm wondering if anyone ever installed a more modern motherboard in their HP EX49x Media Smart server case.


I've had one sitting on the top shelf of my desk forever. I"d like to rebuild it into something more modern internally. Just wondering if anyone had given this any thought.





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most of the small form factor HPE servers do not use a standard system board like microITX. 

There are some custom boards that may be made to fit.

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Thanks, I was just checking, figured after all these years maybe someone had gone ahead and modified one.

It's OK, does make a nice decoration up on my desk LOL




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Thanks for that. I'll have to take a look at the insides again and see what might work. It's been years since I had it apart. Last time I installed the adapter cable for Monitor/Keyboard/Mouse.


Never did cut an opening in the back or side to expose the connector all the time, so it just sits in the top drive bay.

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