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After every forced shutdown need to enable drive in array manager


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I dont know if this has happened to anyone.

After forced shutdowns (unplanned and such) I have to go into the array controller an re-enable the drives. Each drive is a logical drive which needs to be enabled. I also have an SSD in the ODD tray connected to the onboard sata.


Any ideas as to why this happens? How to permanently solve so as to when i reboot after a forced shutdown, i dont need to reenable the logical drives (I'm not using it as a raid as this doesnt seem to work). I dont actually loose any data, but it's a pain for each time to reenable this (like restarting remotely). Is the b120i (using memory for this not quite sure this is the raid controller) faulty?



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There were some odd B120i issues if you only had 2GB of memory in the server, but obviously that is not a problem for you.

Have you changed the coin style battery on the system board? Not sure if it is related, but it is something I would try.

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