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Cooler mounting screws


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Hello all most dedicated, passionate moders and gadgeteers,


I am reading this forum for some time already and just decided to have an upgrade of my own old HP gen 8 server, too.

I read some interesting threads about the cooling and fan addition and so on.


When I found the solution of the adding a noctua NH-L9i processor cooler, I was more then thrilled to try it.

However, it requested to do some major, not revertible changes on the backplate and so on.


So I came with almost perfect plan how to mount this cooler and not breake anything.


But my enthusiasm faced tough reality just now. And I want you guys for any help (if even possible) to find answers on few questions.


Here is the story I wanted to try:


On the default pasive cooler (718283-001) there are (four mounting screws), they are going to the holes (or holders of the motherboard), right ?

So I realized that if I find the correct screws with right thread, I can use them and screw them through the holes from the bottom of the backplate 

and thighten the CPU cooler with nut from top. (No any cutting of existing holders on backplate required).




OK, seems realistic right ?


But, here I am getting some punches to my head:


The screw thread is probably not EMEA type because I couldnt find the same thread of this screw in our local hardware stores.

It is probably custom made by HP so I couldnt find any details what type of this screw is and what type of thread is there.

Withworth thread ? inch thread ? some kind of norm ISO, STN ? 

(All I could find out was diameter of the screw which is 3,32mm with my caliper)


So here I am asking for your help.

Is there any way how to find out the type of the screw with correct thread ?

Can I order them somewhere ?


I dont want the exact same screw as is on the original cooler. I need only the screws (best would be with different length), with same thread.


If anyone can help to find this out, I would be more than grateful.


Many thanks.

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Hi guys,


I see that it will be more complicated than I expected. 

But what I can confirm is, that such screws must exist. I found this link which proves it. ( https://www.newbecca.com/product/546771455857 )


Only problem is that I am not sure about this page.

Not sure if they are offering only screws or whole cooler set.




It looks like this cost only 15.39 but what it is ? 


Anyway, I am still looking for these screws.

So if anyone willing to find out the type of the thread on this screws,

please share your findings. 


Many thanks.



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There are many online charts that spell out screw size and thread pitch

There are even apps that help identify thread pitch

Like this on the google play store


In the US, many hardware stores have displays where you can bring in a bolt or nut to test its size, the clerks should be able to help

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