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Cloned Boot Drive Issue


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Hi Guys,


I recently cloned my boot SSD that resides in the ODD bay that was running as RAID 0.  This drive has esxi 6.7 with a VM running a NAS that utilizes RDM for disk access.  The clone worked perfectly and it booted up fine but it is not allowing me to use the extra hard drive capacity on the new drive.  I went from 240GB to 500GB.  Provisioning shows a 240 GB RAID 0 array and then shows my 500 GB drive with 240 GB being used.  There is no way that I could see to allocated the remaining 260GB.


I had thought of deleting the current RAID 0 and then attempt to recreate it, but I am concerned that would lead to data loss and RDM VM's are quite complicate to backup so I only have my original cloned disk to fall back on.


Any ideas?

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It has been a while, but I think the last time I cloned a Gen8 boot drive I did it with the source and target in the Gen8. I used the SSA utility to create a RAID0 drive for the new boot drive. Then used cloning software that would expand the partition to the full capacity of the drive, Macrium Reflect I believe. If I am not mistaken, you need to setup the target drive with the B120i to get the full space.

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