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installing Windows 10 1909 on B120i smart array solved!


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Having Just got a gen 8 cheap off the internet, I thought I would install windows 10.


The first part was simple, download the Mediacreation tool and make the usb installer. 


The second part, getting it to install on the gen 8, was a bit trickier... and the solution surprised me!


Some of the parts have been covered here already, so I wont duplicate them.

  • Getting into the bios to enable the smart array
  • Setting up drives on the B120i


Once that was done I plugged the usb drive into the internal usb socket and booted from it. But when I got to the select drive to install it on... no drive recognised!

OK, I need a driver for the B120i, picked up the least one (cp033111.exe) from the HP website, extracted it and put it in a folder on the win  10 install usb drive. Rebooted and when I got to the same part of the install routine I loaded the drivers and hey presto the drive appeared, great, but when I tried to create a partition I got an error. We could not create partition... What? WHY?

I had a browse around and tried cleaning the drive with diskpart the drive, but got the same error. Then I tried moving the usb installer drive from the internal socket to an external usb2 socket on the front. Then when I got to the same part of the install routine.... it worked!

Then, once the install routine was complete there was the usual install of drivers. Now windows 10 is working like a dream!

Hope that helps anyone puzzling over installing windows 10 on the gen 8.


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