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Abode introduces an indoor outdoor camera at #CES202


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Or is that Outdoor/Indoor?

I've always been a big fan of this product even though I've never installed or used it! Crazy, but it ticks a lot of boxes that I want if I hadn't already invested in another system. Enough about that and more about this cool camera.


Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 1.37.58 PM.png


It's got smarts!  You can enable a cool feature to identify strangers or family and friends.  It works with their security System naturally and is going to be $199 available first quarter of 2020.  It also can be mounted at your doorbell location and powered by existing doorbell wiring.  Standard outlet power also included.  Do you have enough real estate by your door to mount it?  Oh, and about that doorbell button?  There isn't one!  Abode stated they are coming out with one that does have a buzzer.  It does have two-way talk however!


Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 1.38.05 PM.png

It has 1080p video recording, a 152-degree field of view, infrared night vision, motion sensing, facial recognition, a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication, and IP65-rated water and dust resistance. 

One thing Abode did mention is they are pursing HomeKit Certification so you Apple folks can see the camera in your Home app.  I'll take a look at this and more when I speak with them at #CES2020. Let me know if you have questions.



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Misread that as Adobe then, was like, erm tf?..


I'm still wanting something like the Blink but without the stupid "Retrigger time", if someone can do that, maybe by putting a mSD card in a camera perhaps so it can save locally then push out to the net as speed allows..

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