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Ring shows off some new devices at #CES2020 and nods toward security


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Ring is going to make the Lighting Geeks happy this year.  They have unveiled a new A19 smart LED bulb for indoor areas. Typical smarts, turn on and off, schedule, and control brightness.
They also announced a PAR38 style bulb for indoors and covered areas like porches and decks.  Just to catch up the non-lighting folks, the A19 is your typical style lamp bulb and the PAR38 is a reflector bulb that you would typically put in recessed lighting cans.  It's 4.75" in diameter so it's the big one.


Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 1.02.10 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-01-06 at 1.02.04 PM.png

You can control the bulbs from the Ring app but you still have to have the Ring Bridge on your network.  Yep, another mouth to feed! So many hubs!


Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 1.03.25 PM.png


I'll be asking Ring a ton of questions about the Smarts with these bulbs and how it works with the doorbell and cameras. Stay tuned to the RESET.FM podcast for more!

Ring also announced three solar-powered outdoor lights to add to your landscape. Solar Floodlight, Solar Pathlight, and Solar Steplight. All are motion activated and can be controlled via the app. Yes, Bridge required.


Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 1.16.59 PM.png


Ring also dropped a Controller on us.  If you have a gate on your property this will interest you. Their marketing push screams Amazon due to the hi-lighting of "Key by Amazon" in which you could open the gate for a delivery.  I suppose that would be cool, if you had a gate. Two flavors, Cellular and Ethernet and there will also be a bundle with the Stick Up Cam Battery edition. $299 and $398.99 respectively.


Professional Installers listen up! Ring has some bundles for you. US installers anyway.  The X Line enhances some of the Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cams with a three-year limited warranty as well as a subscription to Ring Protect Basic plan for the lifetime of the device, which allows users to review, share, and save videos for up to 60 days.
The X Line will be available in a variety of product options through select professional installation vendors later this year.


It's no surprise to anyone that Ring has been in hot water lately and they addressed security in their product release as well.  Here it is from the Press Release verbatim as I don't want to mis-interpret any of it.


Across all of our products and services, your privacy and ability to control your security, devices, and personal information is a priority. That’s why we’re enhancing the Ring app with the new Control Center. This latest feature will make it easy to view and control privacy and security settings from one dashboard. The Control Center will initially let you see and manage your connected mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, as well as third-party services; it will also enable you to opt out of receiving video requests in areas where local police have joined the Neighbors app. Future versions of this feature will make it easy to view and control other privacy and security settings right from the Ring app. The Control Center will give you more visibility into how your data is kept secure and private by Ring. It is expected to come to the Ring app later this month.

Stay tuned here and on http://reset.fm for more from Ring. Let me know if you have any questions you want me to ask them here at #CES2020

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