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Web Remote Connection Issue


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We installed a new modem from CenturyLink ( Model C1100Z) and when trying to reconnect to remote web site, I get an error saying that the UPnP is not enable or the modem does not support the UPnP, I have also enable the port forwarding for the specific ports and ensure that the UPnP was enabled. I contacted tech support from CenturyLink and told me that their end was good and nothing should be stopping it from working. I was wondering if there is a work around for this issue.

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so this modem seems to be a modem plus swiss army knife. usually upnp is not needed for accessing a web site. is there more to the story? in any case you can google for how to open ports on this device should you actually need to but because why?

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I agree with NRF, more info is needed.


what is the website if you can share the address, if not what does the website do, is an IPMI site for example or just a regular website.


as NRF stated there is no reason for a website to need UPNP if it wants it I would be doubling down in finding out why as it seems to have more malicious intent, do not get me wrong there may be a good reason for it (i.e. an IPMI site as mentioned above) but I would seriously be looking at what the site is and why it needs it first

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Well what i was tying to do is reconnect my WHS 2011 remote website, it usually set up the router during setting up remote website.

The website is *removed*

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Well it won't work right because some how my modem/router is not letting it through. I even tried turning off the UPnP still nothing.

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so you have been very sketchy on laying your your situation. you have not even detailed what component is giving the error about upnp.


if you are away from home trying to reach whs2011 at home, meaning whs2011 is behind your new modem/router, then you would need UPNP or to open port(s).  if it is some other topology please be forthcoming with details.

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I'm not trying to be sketchy at all, it's the WHS2011 that is telling me that it cannot completed the set up because the router UPnP is not turn on or the router does not support UPnP standard, so this is what i did; turned off UPnP no success, assigned the server an IP address and set up port forwarding, but no success still giving me the same error. And yes the UPnP is turn back on. I even did a google search still could not find anything there. I'm sorry if you all didn't understand what i was saying and I been at this for long time trying to fix this issue, short of getting a new modem and separate router. But thanks for the help.

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I am assuming that they are but i still get the from the server stated the router UPnP is not turn on or the router does not support UPnP standard. So now I'm stuck at this point.

I'm still trying figure out how and where in the modem/router to be configure at

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