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Odd problem with Microserver Gen8, will not boot from SSD with drives in bay


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Hi All,


Have a Microserver Gen 8, 16GB ram and Xeon 1220 v2, I have had a few of these and never had any issues.


There is a ILO fault on the NAND on this one and I cannot get it to reformat using all the various procedures on the HP advisories (or indeed re-install IP, which is necessary after a NAND format), I can however upgrade the ILO firmware and it is currently on 2.72, BIOS all up to date also.


As a result I am unable to configure the array, usually would stick the SSD on the Optical port (5) and configure as RAID 0, Bays 1 & 2, get mirrored and Bays 3 & 4 Raid 0, this has worked happily without issue previously.


However without the array configuration that sits within intelligent provisioning I cannot set this up. So resort AHCI SATA mode and Windows 10 goes on just fine, until I add any drives into the LFF bays then it just refuses to see the Windows drive and ends up on a boot loop.


I then need to reboot the unit to get it to boot into Windows 10, have tried multiple configurations now and have a feeling I am going around in circles here.


Any thoughts on how to sort this would be greatly appreciated, can't help but think i am missing something obvious and hoping someone can point me in the right direction.



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Many thanks for that, I knew something like that existed but for the life of me I couldn't find it based on the search terms, no doubt hung up on it being the Storage Array Configurator or Intelligent Provisioning.


Will give it a try later and see how i get on, I either wasn't aware of the B120i limitation for booting ODD sata or knew it and had forgotten it since 2015!! :)

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Surprisingly despite the fact that on posting the B120i was complaining about drives missing the SSA saw no B120i installed :(


I could install windows however not sure on this one but the SSD had been created as the 3rd logical drive, which I believe was why it refused to pick it up on boot. Wasn't brave enough to delete the array which was supporting the drive running windows.... so thought I would try something a little different.


Still have the NAND issue so no config from boot, however built a bootable USB Windows 10 on a mSATA enclosure I have an booted from that, it was slow to say the least but once up and running it was actually quite usable, no doubt having a Xeon and 16GB of ram was helping in that. installed the Windows HP Array Configuration utility, deleted all the arrays/logical drives and configured from scratch starting with the SSD.


Re-boot and re-install of Windows, couple of reboot later and Bays 1-4 reinstalled and it all now boot correctly, not a very elegant solution but hey it works. 


Now have to work out what I can use it for,because I wouldn't wish to inflict it on anyone else by selling it!

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Latest Bios

2019.04.04(A)(28 Jun 2019)

Latest ILO,

2.72(20 Dec 2019)


The B120i was updated when applying the last Gen8 service pack :( from memory.


However, all working now so all is well that ends well, I was wondering at one point if it was effectively going to write the machine off,  which is a shame.


My second youngest is now coming up for 6 and getting into Minecraft this may end up as his server now, I replaced the Microserver with an ML350p Gen8 which i got incredibly cheaply. Since they my servers have always lived in the garage it didn't make any difference noise wise. Although I am probably paying for it in electricity consumption.

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