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This is a big year end clean up! I have a store! Listen in on how to get your RESET.fm T-Shirts. I'll talk a lot on the Gryphon Router, why I love it and what I recommend for home users and small business users when it comes to Wi-Fi. Surface Laptop 3, Ubiquiti, Dream Machine, and some CES 2020!


Thank you for a great year!  Thank you **Patreon** subscribers.  Without you this would not be possible.  Help me and help yourself all at the same time. https://reset.fm/store  Get ya some MERCH! I love this stuff. I bought way too much but I had to test it before releasing it to the public.  I explain it all in the episode.


Thank you HSS Forums folks.  ShadowPeo, PCDoc, Chris Kenney, SchoonDoggy, Trig0r, Joe Miner Stutsman, Drashna, Jim Collison.  All you guys that help run the HSS/RESET forums. You make it go and I am thankful.


All the podcasts that I'm a fan of that constantly mention me, ask me to join, etc.  I can't mention them all but love them all. HGG with Jim Collison. HomeOn: with Richard Gunther, Entertainment 2.0 Podcast with Josh Pollard and Richard Gunther, and many more.


Those old Surface Geeks, Darren and John, friends on Twitter, forums, and more.


Thanks all.   See you at CES!








Here are some example items I purchased from the store.  I love the logo but maybe some of you won't.  If you would like a color added to the store let me know and I'll see what I can do.



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  1. There is a move option on the UniFi Controllers, it may or may not work for Dream Machine
  2. I use a G Clamp (a cheap spring loaded one) to hold the power bricks for my devices to the underneath of my desk for neatness, you may be able to do something similar
  3. If you are going to speak to Synology can you please ask about the combo 10GBE/M2 adapter they were working on. I have heard nothing about it recently
  4. I do, do as you're suggesting. I have a TPLink Kasa smartplug and it turns on at 2AM (my backups come in from offsite first, then the local backup runs) the backup runs, then it turns off again. The only issue I have had with this is the backups do not always take the same amount of time. As such when verification happens it fails due to the disk being turned off. Last I checked there was no way to add a pre/post script to the backup task. If there was it would simply be a matter of calling the plug and turning it on/off but there does not seem to be this option in HyperBackup
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Haven't we been asking Synology for two years on that card?  I'll ask again!


Awesome on the TPLink plug. I haven't tested mine yet but am going to do one of those $5 Amazon plugs soon.

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