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Over the years I have run Sophos, PFsense, Untangle, Zyxel, Fortinet and Cisco for firewalls.

I am considering transitioning back to Untangle. Anything new I should be looking at? 

I have a 1Gb Xfinity connection so I need something that can support that speed.

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From what I read, Untangle is never the bottleneck. It's always the hardware.


While adding more apps or enabling more filters will have an effect on maximum throughput, this can always be alleviated by using faster hardware.


I don't have anywhere near 1gpbs for internet but, my Untangle that is running on a lowly HP N40L with 4GB RAM can do 250/250 mbps all day long.... with L-7 filters, recommended IPS settings, etc. 

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