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N40L HDD compatibility

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Im using a G7 N40L for years with 4Tb hdd and i wonder if it is possible to use 6Tb hdd from seagate ( Barracuda STEB6000403 ).



I'v heard about compatibility issue between raid controler and microsoftware for Seagate 6Tb model (except red).

Do you have any futher information or have you ever experienced this?


Moreover the fandom N40L page does not include any 6Tb from seagate in his compatibility list.




Thanks in advance.



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Hi Valgone,

I only use disks as single units, not in RAID arrays ...

…. I have not had any problems with 6TB or 8TB disks from Seagate or Western Digital in G7 N36, G7 N54 or G8 microservers.


Many sites, including main vendors, make no attempt to keep up with the ever-increasing disk capacity. For example a 4-bay machine will say 'maximum capacity 40TB' when the biggest disk available is 10TB … but not update their info. when even bigger disks become available.

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