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Change from ML110 G9 to ML350 G10 (Issues)


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Hello, good afternoon!
To see if they can advise me and / or convince me that it is a good idea or a bad idea to make the change from 110 G9 to 350 G10.
Currently my 110 is quite complete; 10GB network card, 64GB of RAM in four modules, two fan upgrades (PCI and CPU), E5-2630L V4 CPU, HP P440 4GB RAID card, 8 bays LFF hot plug.
The change would be made by expanding the HDD bays, and obviously, greater computing capacity and many more hardware upgrades that can be done to a 350.


My 110 doesn't make any sound at all, with the fans all day relaxing working at 6.3%, and the maximum I've seen has been at 14%.


As the server is to have it inside the house in a room, I wanted to ask you if there is a big difference between the two servers as far as the sound is concerned, it is clear that the two when they start make a lot of sound, but the 350 has never had the opportunity to listen to it when it's relaxed.


If I made the change, the hardware upgrades would not be all of a sudden, it would gradually escalate to something similar to what I currently have.
What do you think? Thank you!

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