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so now comes the t40....


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already on special, I won't be putting a deal post out for it. 30% boost on the xeon cpu over my T20 but an odd beast

only 3 hard drive trays, but all are sideways unlike the T20. DDR4 and displayport as upgrades. but...


for "entry drives only". what is that, you say? look in the thermal specs...


Limited to entry drives with power less than 6.8W Or No restriction to 1 / 2 TB 7200 rpm and 4 TB 5400 rpm

doesn't sound like or look like something you can cram 57 drives into with a special bracket.

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How would this compare to an Intel Core i5 Ivy Bridge 3570? Mine is a full tower taking up a bit of space. Due to rebuild at some point. But this one still chugging along.

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