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USB & ILO virtual media boot issues


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Hello Everyone,


I bought a HP Microserver G8 a few days ago for home server purposes (NAS, Home Assistant, homelab, etc..), and everything was fine with it. I installed some OS (ESXi, Linux distributions in native, etc..) in a last few days, because I wanted to do some benchmarking on the disks. The USB boot (from a pendrive) and the boot from ILO virtual media always worked well.


After a lot of benchmarking with dd and fio, I decided that put a smart array p410 in the gen8. The disk performance got a littlebit faster, but Linux sw raid in AHCI mode was still the best. So I dropped my plans with ESXi and with the p410, and tried to switch back to the inetgrated b120i/AHCI and Proxmox.


After removed the p410 and insertd the Proxmox iso I got a surprise:


- server don't boot from any USB port

- server don't boot from ILO virtual media

- intelligent provision not working


Of course a lot of install media (esxi, linux, windows, etc..) tried, and also try the existing/working OS (on pendrives). I always get a blinking cursor on the top left corner and the boot device check cycle restarts.


After this, I reset ILO and the bios, remove the mainboard battery, put back the p410, pull out the disks, but these things didn't help :(


I found two possible solution, but only work for a short time (4-5 reboot):


- reflash the ILO 2.70 firmware

- change the ILO NIC to shared port, or switch back to dedicated port


This is a painful problem, because the server may not boot from USB after a power outage :(


Do you have any idea or advice for a possible solution?


Some detailed parameters about this MS Gen8:


BIOS verison: j06 04/04/2019

ILO verison: 2.70 with advanced license

CPU: e3-1220v2


HDD: 2x1TB WD green in the front bay

SSD: 2x250GB Samsung 860 EVO in the front bay

USB pendrive: I try with mixed brands and sizes



Thanks a lot!

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