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HP Gen8 OS slow and BSOD


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Hi everyone, could i get some advice.

few months ago i had a power outage just as my server was doing updates. 

ever since then my Server hasnt been the same. 

Ive had Microsoft support guys assisting me to roll back and complete the update and its been worst since. 


Now when i try booting up, i might get lucky and boot to windows under 5 minutes, if im unlucky, it would think for about 20 minutes and give me BSOD.


booting to safe mode also is a struggle and can also result to BSOD.

is this a sign the hard drive messed up now?


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Have you tried a complete reload/install of Windows?

What do the error logs show after a BSOD?

Have you tested all of the hardware to confirm that nothing was damaged during the power outage?

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On 10/23/2019 at 6:30 AM, schoondoggy said:

Have you tried a complete r

Hi schoondoggy, 

i forgot to mention i have tried reinstalling windows and that ended up with the same result.


in terms of testing the hardware, is this testing on another PC? that i havent tried as ive only got the one server. 

is there another way to test the hardware without having to plug it in another pc? i.e is there a tool i can boot up from?


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What version of Windows are you running? Have you checked the event logs in Windows?

How do you have the server configured, how many drives are installed, are you using the B120i or AHCI for the storage controller?

Have you logged into iLo? I believe there are error/event logs there as well.


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