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in need of an dual 10gbe nic low profile for microserver gen8


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5 minutes ago, codedmind said:

 @schoondoggy proxmox

You will need to check for compatibility. if I am not mistaken the NC522 is a older QLogic card. Mellanox and Intel tend to be safe choices for 10GbE NICs.

Another thought, 10GbE in a MS Gen8 can be overkill unless you are using lots of SSD's. Throughput of a 4-5 disk storage system will be much less than the throughput of dual 10GbE NIC. Depending on what your trying to achieve, 2.5GbE dual port NIC are cheap as are multigig switches. For 10GbE used switches like Aruba S3500 are very affordable and well supported.

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I see someone in proxmox forum talk about that.model... so I guess it will work the objective is connext 3 nodes without a switch for the ceph And trying the performance or at least try as we are limited to 16gb of ram i don't know if I will have luck..

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Some time have past... after some changes i think i run into a wall... with 10GB and proxmox using ceph in ssd, even in tray2 (because of sata 3) i have a lot of io delay in ceph...


The solution could be use nvme drives, but only have one pcie line... i will lose the dual nic 10GB...


Any suggestion?

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