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Faulty P222? (Error Not Responding)


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Hi guys,


Not been on here in a while, hope everybody is well¬†ūüėÄ


Has anybody seen this before?

Smart Array P222 (Error: Not responding)
Driver Name: hpsa
Driver Version: 3.4.14
PCI Address (Domain:Bus:Device.Function) : 0000:07:00.0

My RAID5 just started unmounting and this was the response when I prodded the P222 with ssacli.


System is a 1610T generation 8 microserver w/4G stock memory. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.06, which has been stable for a good two years. I know this isn't the latest driver, but I prefer to use whatever is stock in the Linux kernel I am using.


Granted the controller was probably on the hotter side of things w/optimal cooling profile.


At the iLO level all disks are showing as "OK". In fact, when this happens the P222 reports that it has "failed". After a reboot it reports as "OK" for a few hours and pop, randomly I get the same again. Surface scan is set to idle (3 seconds) and so far I have had no faults reported.


Any ideas?



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Welcome back!

I have seen that error come up due to over-heating. You could check iLo when the system is being used to see the P222 temp.

I would also check the system for dust and debris. The only way I could get a P222 to stay cool was to point a fan or blower straight at it. Is it in a warm room? What is the inlet temperature on the MS Gen8?  

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OK so the inlet temp hovers between 19-22C.


The controller was getting to around 80-83C when when the optimal thermal profile was enabled w/system fan hovering around 11%.


Clearly that is too hot!


I changed to the increased profile, which spins the fan at around 28% and brought the temp down to around 75C. I'd have thought it would come down a bit more, but no luck. Looking again at the board layout, it looks like the cache impedes airflow over the heat sink.


Finally I enabled the maximum profile, which brought the fan speed up to around 70%. At this point the P222 hovers around 55C, which seems perfectly reasonable. Since the server is somewhere that noise does not matter this solution is acceptable, providing the fan is robust enough to spend its life at those kind of RPMs.


I guess this is a trip down memory lane¬†ūüėÜ


Perhaps the Gen8 probably shouldn't have been validated for the P222? ...I'm kind of glad it was because it is a nice combination if you take away the thermal quirks.


The documentation suggests that the server can operate in a wide range of temperatures, but I can only imagine how cooked this thing would get if my basement was 30C+.


Gen8 microserver admin life, I guess.


Fingers crossed I don't get any more controller failure warnings.

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Actually starting to wonder if a P420 would cool better in a gen8 because the cache module sits at the back, rather than in front of the heat sink.


From what I remember, the P420 works fine in a gen8. Doesn't cause booting problems and is fully compatible with iLO4, status LED on the front of the chassis etc.


EDIT: DUH, system fan is at the back. Draws air through. Don't mind me, nothing to see here.


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So it's safe to say it is best not to add a P222 if one wants to keep their fans below 10% speed?

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