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Hi everyone,

I am in a bit of a pickle here trying to assist a friend of mine. His house was recently struck by lightning and it fried his desktop, TV, connected USB backup drive as well as a V1 Acer home server I had setup for him years ago. I am trying to help him get his data back, so first thing I tried was the external USB drive he had. I shucked the drive and popped it on a USB adapter and it shows as blank. I can view sector data and see that there is stuff there but windows sees no logical disk info. OK, well on to the home server. It is dead as a nail but luckily, I had the same exact unit here which I had just replaced with a Synology 918+. So I pop his drives in my server an hooray! It boots right up and everything looks great! The irony is that I actually had a brand new 918+ sitting here that I was configuring for him to replace his V1 Home Server when this happened!!!


So no worries, all the PC backups are looking good on the home server, so I mount the backup image and bam!, I am hit with the dreaded 81% bug. So I go through the standard chkdsk routine on each drive as well as the junctions for the drive extender service. Everything runs as expected and I reboot.. then nothing. It starts to boot up and just hangs at "Applying computer Settings". So now I can boot into safe mode and run msconfig and choose diagnostic startup and reboot and get logged in. Of course nothing works because all of the services are disabled. So I find a listing of the required services for server 2003 and set them all as required along with the WHS specific ones and run them all in an attempt to get the connector to talk to the server again so I can try to mount the backup. I get the connector to tell me that my network is in danger, but the console will not open. So I reboot, really did not want to but I did. Now I am again stuck at the "Applying Computer Settings" box and the connector on my desktop IS GREEN, but  when I try to log into the console, I get the green scrolling wait bar followed by a solid blank screen:



I was really hoping I would not have to tell him that Drive Savers for his USB drive is our only option as that will likely be $900. Any pointers I could try to get this server operational again?

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you may be speaking a bit too fast for me. I think you said all the home server drives came back online, right?

what are you saying with "mount the backup image" ?  what data is in danger of being lost?


and sometimes those usb drives' controllers pervert the disk layout in such a way that you can only effectively access the disk by putting it into another cradle of the same model.


and did his UPS get damaged?

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The lightning came in through the cable line, hit the router and went through the network. On the desktop it fried the network card and anything attached to USB ports. Amazingly it still booted minus USB and NIC. The home server's board is toast from the NIC back. UPS had no chance of helping here.

The home server was used solely for bare-metal backups of three computers. It also was backing up the USB drive attached to the desktop computer. So I am was trying to mount the client backup for the USB drive from the desktop.


I did this when the trouble started: https://www.ripcaster.co.uk/node/531 .. In looking for the page I had found for troubleshooting accessing those backups I found this:  http://kelvyntaylor.blogspot.com/2010/11/fixing-cannot-mount-backup-problem-in.html

That second link would have likely fixed my issue without running the checkdsk commands and killing the server.. 8(


This was the FAQ I was following: https://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/785bc097-b7b0-4268-bd9f-cc802c5eb355/faq-backup-and-restore-trouble-shooting?forum=whsfaq


I knew about that automount fix but had forgotten that was needed on Windows 7.. crap! Had not needed to restore anything for years.. 8(

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amazing how lightning can even break things that are turned off - just jumps over gaps to where it wants to go. in any case I have a better idea of what you are trying to do - restore files backed up from the usb drive. I had been thinking the usb drive was backing up the server. 


so you seem to have two issues?
* can't boot whsv1

* 81% problem restoring client files


is there a backup for the whs?


anyone out there with V1 experience who can chime in?


(cable company should replace the protection block on the incoming service on policy, not that it helped...)

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