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No usb key Bios


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I just acquired a Gen10 server, can not install an OS on my USB drives are not recognized in the bios?
The only options I have is the boot on PXE Network Card?
Is this normal?

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Are you trying to create a usb install drive or are you trying to install the OS on a usb drive?

You could try going to legacy BIOS instead of UEFI.


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Thank you.
I tried to install the system from a USB key, but I did not see it appear in the bios.
After a long search, I finally find the mistake.
The bios being a bios UEFI I had to create a USB key in UEFI mode only, and that to solve my problem my key appeared but it is disruptive, first time I meet this problem on an installation.
I created my USB installation key with Rufus and then everything is installed without problems.

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once I ran into this I learned I need to keep two USB keys around for my important installers, one for bios and one for UEFI.

fortunately rufus can be configured to do both modes.

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