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Restoring a WHS V1 system that was gifted to me.


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I was recently given an old windows home server v1.  It is really slow and wanting to speed it up.


It has three 1.5 TB hard drives.


There seems some weird software raid I can't figure out.


Drive 1 has a 20 GB Windows partition, then the rest was partitioned to a drive pool called DATA?  The other two drives are labeled as DATA and I assume are also part of the pool.  One of the drives is labeled E and seem to treat them all as one drive, minus the Windows partition on drive 1.


I have an old 90 GB SATA II SSD which I thought might speed things up.  Also, I have an old 2 TB WD Black HDD.  The Data pool is roughly 1.5 GB, so it will fully fit on the 2 TB drive.


So, what is the easiest way to accomplish this?  Not sure a typical clone would work?  or maybe it will and I'm just over thinking things?


Thanks for any help


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Been a while since we've had a post on WHS V1. Its end of support was 6 years ago I think

The custom raid you found was something called drive extender. A microsoft type of software raid. The precusor to what they now offer as storage spaces 9n windows 10

You never mentioned the actual hardware you have. Most WHS boxes were relatively low powered- even by the standards of ~10 year old hardware

I recall that most of the hardware upgrades involved adding memory. Maybe adding a ssd boot drive. Thats what i did to my WHS v1 server

( a 40 gig SSD my first SSD !)

What do want to do with it

I wouldnt recommend using it as a homeserver today. Double whammy of old hardware and no software support

If all you want to do is play around with it. Go for it

Might be fun to blow up the existing OS and install a current fileserver OS, freenas, unraid and openmedia vault are free to download and test

If you do this, let us know how it works out

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There use to be a break out box you could by from a third party that you could plug into the mother board that would allow you to connect a vga monitor and connect a keyboard and mouse. I can't remember the product's name or the site for the guy that made them, but I'm you can google that if your interested and they can still be had.

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