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Cannot complete backups, Backup Status showing 'Unknown'


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I have developed a problem on my WHS 2011 running Drive Bender.

All my back up's have become unavailable and "Unknown".

Repair function fails. Restart services works, but stop's right afterwards on the Server.

Log's show something about not being able to make Shadow Copy, and "Windows Server Client Backup Service is Not Running". Try Repair,and fails.

Chkdsk does not find any issues on C. (Intel SSD) SSD is 98% good

Running HS Smart, no smart errors. Drive Bender Repair, no issues. Reboot does not affect anything.

SFC /Scannow yield no errors.

Clients can access the server, all folders are ok. Backup folder is populated with files.

Any ideas?


Help. Please.


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Well I fixed the problem. Simply Delete All the Data in the Backup Folder.

Although you loose your old back up's, the process will run normal and without any errors.

Sad to see this forum dying off.

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This has been happening to me consistently with every Win10 update, me thinks, and have simply got tired of fixing it. And by fixing, it means reinstalling the client Launchpad, which means it restores connectivity and backup to WHS2011 about 3 out of 5 times.


With WHS2011 at EoS and with the OS it is based on (Win2k8) going EoS next year, I will have to move on and choose from three options:


1. Go with Win2k16 plus Essentials role

2. Go with Win2k19 plus UrBackup

3. Go with Win10 plus UrBackup


I still have a few months to think this over and plan for it. It’s a big move as this server is doing a lot more things besides backing up the clients; Plex, UniFi Controller, just off the top of my head.

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