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how to read .VolumeConfig.configdat file?


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can anyone help me read/parse the volumconfig file for my backup in Server 2016 Essentials?


I've been trying for a week to do a baremetal restore, but the restore always fails at the end trying to recreate the UEFI EFI partition. I've tried lots of common values for my Lenovo Flex 4 1580 with 512GB Lite-on SSD, but no joy.


Poking around, it looks like this file MAY contain the location and size of all partitions? If so, can someone help me retrieve those values? Here is a snippet:


<File Type="VolumeConfig">
        <Field Type="string" Name="MachineSID" />
        <Field Type="fixedbinary" Length="16"  Name="Guid" />
        <Field Type="varbinary" Name="UniqueId" />
        <Field Type="string" Name="MountPoint" />
        <Field Type="string" Name="VolumeLabel" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="Capacity" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="BytesUsed" />
        <Field Type="string" Name="FileSystem" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="BytesPerSector" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="BytesPerCluster" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="Location"/>
        <Field Type="int" Name="BytesUsedForBackups" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="Status" />
        <Field Type="boolean" Name="IsEligibleForBackup" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="PartitionStyle"/>
        <Field Type="int" Name="DiskSignature" />
        <Field Type="fixedbinary" Length="16" Name="DiskGuid"/>
        <Field Type="fiexedbinary" Length="16" Name="PartitionGuid"/>
        <Field Type="int" Name="Partition" />
        <Field Type="boolean" Name="BackupsExist" />
        <Field Type="int" Name="ExcludedFolderCount" />
        <Field Type="string" Occurs="ExcludedFolderCount"  Name="ExcludedFolder" />
        <Field Type="string" Name="File" />
        <Field Type="fixedbinary" Length="16"  Value="00000000000000000000000000000000" />
<<binary data here in attached file>>





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