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Tasker for Android


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Anyone using this? I just got the 7 day trial for my droid X. This app is incredible. It's basically a simple programming interface. Here's a few of the things that I did with it:


Turn on wifi when I get near home, turn off when I leave home, same thing with work.

Turn off GPS when I connect to my wifi network, turn on when I leave, same thing with work.

Open google listen with I plug in a set of headphones.

Turn ringers and notifications off when I am in a meeting and listed as unavailable.

Turn off ringers and notifications, turn up alarm volume between the hours of 11 PM and 5AM when plugged into power.

This one is my favorite. When someone on my favorites list calls me at night and the phone is on silent a text is sent to them with instructions to send me a text with a keyword if it is an emergency, when I get this text, the phone volume is turned back up and the person can call back.



I want to find more things to automate. I love programming the phone to do this stuff it amazing.

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I'll let you know if a few days. My phone just makes through a 16 or 17 hour day (if I use it alot). I'll post the stats from my battery indicator later.


If you want to try it, get it from the developers site tasker.dinglisch.net otherwise you only have 15 minutes to tell google you don't want the app. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it.

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One of the first android apps I downloaded was an app to control ringers, volumes, during times. So at night you tell it not to ring unless it's from a certain number. ETC. But...i forgot the name. I'll find it somewhere.


This one is $6.31. I just installed it from the devs site to take a look at it. Many, many, many choices and things to set up! Like I don't have enough things going on!

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I have tried some of these feature rich applications on my G1 but since I have upgraded to the Samsung Vibrant I have not tried them out again. It was pretty nice to help automate some of the tedious admin tasks that drain your battery.

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That app sounds awesome. If HP-Palm doesn't come out with something amazing on Feb 9th, I am jumping ship from my Palm Pre Plus and WEB-OS to an android device. Now I know how Jim felt, love my WEB-OS but they just are not keeping up with Android. If there is anyone out there besides me still using a palm device, there is a similar program called mode switcher that does allot of automation for Pre's and Pixie's out there. FYI...

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I have been using the free version of JuiceDefender. It is not as feature rich as you are talking about but it allowed some scheduling for nights, weekends, etc. Tasker sounds much more powerful. I think I looked at something like that before that would recognize your location and enable/disable features too. At the time I think it was a little buggy so I got rid of it. May have to try this one.

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My first full day using Tasker and I'm currently running with 20% battery left and 16 hours since I unplugged it. Droid X hardware by the way.

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