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How do I turn off NVidea's full screen?


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I've got an older desktop PC, i7, 4th generation. It came with a NVidia video card and the GeForce Experience software, drivers, etc. OK, I thought, although I personally don't do much gaming.


Not too long ago I put on the May 2019 update for Windows 10. It has some newer functionality in that whenever it detects that some application is running in fullscreen, it automatically puts on Focus Assist. I can see why Microsoft would think of doing this. If you're doing a presentation, showing a PowerPoint slide deck at a management meeting or a sales meeting, it would be nice to have your machine's Focus Assist automatically kick in. You could do your presentation without some irritating notification from Facebook popping up telling you of your niece's latest picture of her kitten.


However, something odd is true, so I've learned, about the NVidia's GeForce Experience and this 1903 update to Windows 10. Apparently NVidia's GeForce Experience runs in fullscreen, faking the Windows 10 1903 update to kick in Focus Assist. Its crazy. I've sat at my machine, with nothing running in fullscreen, visually. Then the Focus Assist automatically gets turned on. Not at all convenient. I want those notifications to come through to me! I'm sure this situation has been discussed elsewhere in these forums or on the podcast. I've missed it, if so. So, I'm asking, how do I turn off the automated option in GeForce Experience to run in fullscreen? Windows 10 Focus Assist, working properly when applications, other than GeForce Experience, are in fullscreen or not, is much more important to me than this functionality built into GeForce Experience. I don't mind losing fullscreen option in GeForce Experience.

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