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some Synology O365 sync and pc backup questions


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Hi all,

I'm looking into a Synology solution for a friend of mine. A Windows server is overkill in this case, and due to the lack of tech knowledge not advisable either.....

What I would like to see is:
- An option to regularly backup all connected Windows PC's and/or laptops, like with Windows Server
- The ability to work & sync with data in the Office 365 cloud.

From what I've seen there's Synology apps for that, but I would like to hear people's experiences with this.
Backing up pc's is mandatory, especially with the way Win10 updates sometimes fail.

And with Office 365 it would be nice to have a two-way sync established.
So working at the office one will use the data on the Synology, but this will be synchronized with the files in the cloud. And when working away from the office in the cloud, it will have the changed files synchronized back onto the Synology.

On top of that all data on the Synology will be back-upped on a external disk on a regular basis, just to be sure in case of e.g. ransomware.

Am I correct all this can work this way?

Cheers for any answers & experiences!


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This one should be an easy task for a 64 bit Synology with its own tools.  Sync? I'm not sure about that one. 




There is also a solution for Google and G Suite.  I tried the Active Backup for Business but ended back at the old way of doing it with Cloud Station Backup. This free utility backs up directories on your PC to the NAS with versioning and I use Cloud Station Backup to sync my OneDrive folder to my NAS. Simple way to do it and I don't need all the bells and whistles of the O365 product.

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Not tried the Active Backup myself (yet, once I have a couple of other things done I will do it but not quite there yet). I do however use CloudSync to sync each users OneDrive to the Synology from where it is backed up and shared to the users PC's within the house that way we do not have to have the data on the PC's thus taking up less space, Mobile PC's have it connected via OneDrive as usual

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Thanks all,

I'll have another look into this. It must be as simple to use as possible, with as few steps as possible ;)
A one-way sync to the Synology for O365 data might be an option, but than I have to 'force' them to use Onedrive as a default...
We'll see what's possible regarding workflows.

@Dave: What was it that you stepped away from the Active Backup for Business solution in the end?


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