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wifi issue

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The wifi will pop up on my Iphone and my PS4 but when i go to put in the password it always tells me that it is the incorrect password, i for sure know that the password is right!!

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Could be a myriad of things there is not enough information here to help, its it a 2.4Ghz network or a 5Ghz, is their both, are they both using the same SSID or different, if the same are the passwords set to be the same?

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^ That's the most common issue with these types of problems. It has happened to me, when I inadvertently typed in an extra character in the WPA2 key for the AP's 5GHz band. I was near my wit's end when most devices were able to connect while the rest wouldn't.


Just to be thorough, you can also try rebooting the AP, just to clear possible corruption in the way the key and/or encryption is handled.


Best of luck!



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