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Help buying used server


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Hello all


Need help to buy a server to make my home lab.

Already have a HP MicroServer Gen8 and want to expand my home lab.

On the HP I have already ESXi 6.7.

I want to make another one with ESXi 6.7 then install vcenter.

Use a pc with freenas to install the VM’s then testing redundancy.

I was thinking dell d710 or HP GEN8


Any suggestions?


Best regards

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I have very limited experience with the HP's as we are basically a Dell shop when it comes to servers, if the Dell you mentioned is an R710 not a D710 they are great machines although a little long in the tooth now IMHO I turfed those in the bin 5 or 6 years ago professionally and personally 2 years ago (getting rid of the 730's this year, and they are beasts of machines. the waste of keeping within warranty). if you are happy however with the specs the do chew a little power being older units, and being rack mount the are not designed to be quiet, but they are good solid machines.

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Thank you for the reply.
After reading a little more, I am thinking about r720.
The question I have is the sound and power.
The server I gone put on my leaving room.
There’s people that said the r720 are quiet and other no.
From your experience can I leave with it on my leaving room or go for t710.
My intention is to have a homelab to study VMware, Proxmox and CCNA.

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