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Running Windows on HPE Proliant Microserver 10?

Rudy 121

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I hate to bother you but would appreciate your advice when you have a minute.

The Server hardware upgrades are mostly here and I will have to make some decisions.

I am concerned about having to deal with the constant factory changes to windows 10 and would like to have as little fiddling and as much software stability as possible.  I can go several ways:

Server W10pro to Clients W10pro

Server W8.1pro to Clients W10pro

Server W8.1pro to Clients W8.1 pro

In your opinion, what would be the better way to go or are there any other alternatives to consider?

Your kind help is always appreciated.


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MSFT has taken such a beating for forced upgrades to W10 that the PRO version now has the capability to delay upgrades for long periods: good exposition at https://www.zdnet.com/article/windows-10-update-act-fast-to-delay-this-big-upgrade/

Perhaps the new delay factors will cover your concerns.


The biggest problem with sticking to W8.1 is: that version goes end of life - i.e. no security updates - in January 2023.


The constant updates are something of a PITA (I am maintaining a dozen or so machines amongst family and friends) ...

… the oldest of these machines is a DELL DIMENSION 9200 vintage 2007 and it runs W10Pro perfectly fine ...

… and the smallest a LINX 1010E tablet where the 1903 upgrade was delayed by MSFT until they fixed the USB device bug.

In other words MSFT seem to be succeeding in keeping everyone on W10.


The bonus of course is that feature updates are free, which is great if you can keep a device going for 8-10 years.


One strategy might be to keep the server relatively fixed on a long term branch … and accept client updates only if there is no chatter about problems within a month.

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I would use Windows 10 on clients to keep them up to date and secure.

For the server I would lean toward using Unraid. There would be an upfront learning curve, but once deployed you could set it and forget it for the most part. Licensing starts at $59 for a six drive system. There is an active community and good support from the vendor. Nice set of apps and you can run VM's if you have enough memory. I plan to test it on the MS Gen10 soon:


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