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Automatic Backup stopped working for one PC


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Need some help on this one folks,


Yesterday I noticed that one of my Test PC's was no longer being backed up. When I requested the server to back up the PC - Manually -, I got thrown out of the Console and when I came back in; I had a second identically named PC that was in there being backed up.




How can I fix this? this is weird.


One shows that no back up has been done in 9 days, the other is now backed up. The old is no longer active either.... But I now have two such PC's on my list. Where is this data stored and should I hack it or edit it?


Worse case I can delete the old PC image and only keep the new one... but this has me worried. why did it happen in the first place..


any comments?


PS: Thank you

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The only way I know this can happen is if you changed the name of the client, re-imaged the client, prior to joing the WHS both of which would have changed the SID of the client as the server knows it.

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This is my production system, so I keep that super clean and made absolutly no changes...


except, I did run over the 10 PC limit with one of my test systems and had to delete one of them to get the second one onto the list. But that was done during the holidays... weeks ago.


I'm picky about production systems. I've never seen this and did not think it was possible. It's like if an index file has run into problems. I will run a chkdsk on the main drive to see if maybe it comes up with something bad.


Thank you.

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