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ML110 Gen9 i7 support


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Hi all!


Welcome to my first post on the forum which I write from my fully upgraded Microserver Gen8: E3-1270v2, Noctua NH L9I (modified), 16GigRAM, Samsung SSD, Geforce 1030 and a USB powered mini speaker inside. All thanks to this great forum which I have been reading extensively the past weeks.


While doing all the upgrades on the MS, I tumbled into the MVNe limitations of this box and after some searching I discovered the ML110 Gen9 which seems to be one of the lowest cost HP servers to support this (via PCIe and UEFI). I already ordered an ML110 Gen9 (140Euro) and E5-1620 V3 (for just 35Euro).


Now for the gaming needs of my son I tried to figure out if this machine can support i7 cpu's but this seems to be a no go area. I know already that the mainboard chipset is Intel c610 which is the same as X99 but with more functions and the c610 only seems to support Xeon and the X99 is high end for only i7 cpu's.


I would like to ask the available brainpower of the forum -in the area of cpu support for Proliants- for help, what do you think are my chances? Also it seems no one around tried to install an X99 supported i7 in this server, does anyone know more on trying this or maybe have the machine and i7 available to try?


Any help/comments/thoughts are appreciated!

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The ML110 Gen9 requires ECC memory and supports registered memory, i7 CPU support neither of those functions. The BIOS of the ML110 Gen9 will be looking for those functions in the CPU. I doubt a i7 will work. Why would you want to swap the Xeon for a i7?

A ML110 G9 would not be my first choice for a gaming platform, but it looks like you did well on the price. As the ML110 G9 supports registered memory you may have good luck finding used memory from IT department upgrades.  

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