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Server Build Recomendations


Entry, Mid-Range or High-End  

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  1. 1. Where do you fall?

    • Entry-DIY
    • Mid-Range
    • High-End

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I just finished my i3-540 box and I am so much happier with it than

the 495 I had. The gigabit switch seems to help too.


This evening I was reading some posts over at servethehome.com and their recommendations for

3 types of builds. I am obviously an Entry-DIY kind of guy! Where do the rest of you fall?


Entry Level





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This is an interesting survey. I probably fall into the camp of the mid-range but with a twist. I tried to design my servers to be power efficient as well. Presently I have three servers, one is an 8 green drive (dual RAID) Server 2008R2 box which draws about 65 watts out of the wall. The second is a WHS V1 box which has 5 2T green drives in it and draws about 60 watts from the wall, and third, I have a full tower with 9 (8x2T green + 640 for the OS) drives (8T+4T RAID 5) which will become my Vail server and draws about 70 watts out of the wall. Comparitively, my old Core 2 WHS server used to draw 140 watts whcih I am guessing is the draw from the servers they have listed in the article. All my servers are core I3-530/540 based and overall are fast and power efficient. The moral of the story is that I am certainly in the mid range for capacity but do not overlook the cost to operate in your quest for storage.

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Wow, those seem like some really high-spec machines for a home environment. I guess I'd fall into the entry level range, but that's mostly because I can't see myself having a need for more than say eight disks on a dedicated WHS machine. (If it was a VM server, it'd be a different story..)

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@ PCDoc



What is the makeup of your data. I know you rip full BluRays, but that is still

a lot of data you store!

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Wow...and I would have thought I was closer to the Mid-Level PC. I am looking to build a new WHS V1 to replace my old server (close to 3 years) which wasn't built with the intention of uploading all of my DVD's and now BluRay disc media. I had planned only building with either a i3 or i5 which still places this at a Entry Level to Mid Level.

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