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Best way to remove and replace failed drives


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I have a Gen8 Microserver running Win10, with 4 x 4TB drives, combined in stablebit drivepool. Each drive is setup as an individual array within iLO - so JBOD. Recently two of the drives reported bad sectors so I want to replace them. I've removed the two offending drives from the drive pool, and moved all files from them, but I'm just a bit nervous about the process of replacing them within iLO.


The drives are E:, F:, G: and H:. It's G and H that have bad sectors. In Stablebit Scanner these are report as PHYSICALDRIVE 3 and 4. Using Speccy I identified the serial numbers of those drives. Unfortunately, when I go into iLo, the serial numbers are different (as reported in the Assigned Drives). So,


Q1 - how do I actually identify the drives with the bad sectors in iLo? Given that they are PHYSICALDRIVES 3 & 4, can I assume they are located in Bays 3 & 4? (i.e. the two right hand bays).

Q2 - What's the best way to remove them? Can I just physically pull them out and replace them (with potentially drives of differing sizes). Or do I need to delete the individual arrays they belong to? (Slightly nervous about that as it warns me all data will be wiped, so I want to be absolutely sure I'm deleting the correct arrays!).


I do have all the files backed up, so I shouldn't lose any data, but restoring and reconfiguring would be a major pain in the butt.

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I name my drives when I put them in, makes it easier to find them, disk 0101 is drive 1 in bay 1 for instance, I dont give them letters though, I just have the one letter for the pool...

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