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Windows 10 May 2019 Update


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It's that time of year again (plus or minus a few months) for Windows owners to pour out a suitable beverage, switch on the TV (say to a cricket match in Summer) and multiplex those activities with updating Windows on one's devices.

This time round I reverted to an 'in place' upgrade using the Upgrade now button at https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10, wondering whether my shared folder setup would be destroyed as it had been in previous upgrades … but no, in general all went smoothly for:

HP Microserver N36L

HP Microserver N54L

HP Microserver Gen8 x 2

These are pure file servers running W10 Professional.

The only point to note is the continued absence of the CPU usage trace on the Gen8 Task Manager graph.



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The update was also successful on:

SAMSUNGRF511 laptop (about 7 years old)

LINX1010 tablet x 2


DELL 7920 workstation which upgraded Windows Professional for Workstations using the same program (guess licensing and feature sets are all embedded in hardware and licensing servers these days)


CHUWI Hi13 tablet


but failed to even start on:

LINX1010E tablet x 2 (the E being 'Education' which comes with W10 Pro installed). Curious.


Looking forward to testing the sandbox feature.


Would post images of configurations and drivers were it not for the new 20K (!) forum limit on attachments 😞

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I am somewhat worried about the future on my LINX tablets given the increase in system requirements to 32GB disk space … and reports that upgrades cannot be performed with attached USB devices.

The workaround for devices with 16GB storage was to plug in an empty USB drive.

A clean install would require a USB drive (no chance of a small device having a DVD drive).

Hopefully the day for a minimum of 64GB is a long way off.

Controlled obsolescence on MSFT's part?


Pity the sets feature appears to have been cancelled, I'd like to have seen multiple folder and remote access tabs.

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Aha … the USB restriction is in fact a bug, not a feature … happier now.


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Even happier now … the storage handling does not apply to older systems.

New disk space requirement for Windows 10, version 1903 applies only to OEMs for the manufacture of new PCs. This new requirement does not apply to existing devices. PCs that don’t meet new device disk space requirements will continue to receive updates and the 1903 update will require about the same amount of free disk space as previous updates.


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Windows 10 Sandbox looking good so far ...

… especially after exercising a few configuration options via:


My guess is that there will be a request to let sandboxes persist.

Nonetheless very handy for a quick application install, session and delete.

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